the story

cicli polito bicycle frames are custom made to fit specific people. they aren’t made in batches, and each one is made by hand one at a time in lovely cleveland ohio. i am dan polito, the owner and sole framebuilder at the shop.

this blog is serving as one of the shop’s voices. as a builder with access to a digital camera and computer, i have the means to share what goes on in the shop with people online through photos and text. i’m also a real person, and this web space will occasionally reflect that.

if you are interested in photos with the minimal intrusion of text, you can view my flickr page here

if you are intrigued about the idea of ordering a custom frame, more information is at the shop website

should you have any questions or comments, i’d enjoy hearing from you. send an email to ciclipolito at gmail dot com.

One response to “the story

  1. hi polito,
    i grew up in ohio city, went to school at ignatius and moved to portland. i recognize your name from school, it’s great to know that you have set up shop in cleveland. i miss it a lot.
    great bikes!
    i am putting together my own frameshop (who isn’t these days?) in sacramento ca. any words of wisdom?

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