paint! and the days leading up to it

here are some of the final shots from skip’s build, including paint.  to see his entire build documented as a slideshow, head on over to flickr:

alignment via headtube on the flat plate.

alignment mark II – note necessary accessories

working hard to get that extra little fillet in there for you

here is a whole frame and fork shot.  the frame was designed to be a fast commuter for typical cleveland riding.  it also has eyelets on the fork and an undercrown mounting for a rack, not shown.

demi-lams (wish i coined that one) turned out looking nice after paint.  i think i’ll play with this design again sometime in the fiture.

and lastly, the whole kit

this bike was great fun to build, and i’ve seen skip tearing around downtown on it the past few days.  i can’t quite catch up to ask him, but it looks like he’s having fun.  there are many other shots in the flickr set linked above, but these are a few of my favorites.

stay tuned for some forthcoming exciting news from the shop!


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