All the rest is just hype . . .

Cleveland Free Times, May 7:

link here

Anna Gerodette, the drive behind the Fast Track Cycling Velodrome project, is curating a collection of bicycle-related art. For real bike nuts, the most exciting entry she’s expecting is a handcrafted, old-school steel frame built by Don Polito, a local craftsman whose Ciclipolito frames are plainly dazzling. Polito works in classic chrome-moly steel, like Columbus SL and Reynolds 531, lugged and/or butted if you wish, because this is the just and true way to build a bicycle, and all the rest is hype. Portions of the proceeds benefit the velodrome project and Bike Week. The show is at Lake Erie Artists Gallery, on the first floor of Tower City. An opening reception is scheduled for 6-9 p.m. Saturday. Exhibit runs through 8 p.m. Friday.

Thanks to Anna for including me on this, and check out her link above for information on the Cleveland Velodrome project.

DON Polito, at your service.  No hype, only just and true bicycles.  Take that, straight-gauge airfoil TIGd downtubes.


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