shots from the field

this frame was built to be both a UCI-legal ss cross bike (hence the cantilevers) and a fixed wheel for the road.  kind of cool to see a “racey” frame get some face time outdoors. in the trail shots the tires are tufo elite tubulars run at 3.5 bar.  the build is the rider’s personal components*, and i think it looks nice and sensible.  i think the photos are from suburban cleveland somewhere; i’m almost certain that this trail is not in cleveland proper.

*this frame was a display frame at nahbs, so it may look a little familiar, but the owner finally got around to building it up and taking some photos.  the only thing i provided were a set of handbuilt wheels.  polished campagnolo record hi-flange track hubs laced 3 cross to super champion tubular rims and soyo tires with an eai superstar cog.  i had these wheels built in time for nahbs, and they looked great on the other display frame I had, so that’s what i went with.  funny how it all works out.


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