seat stay caps get the spa treatment

seat stay caps, everybody is doing it, we all make them . . . and for the stays reading this, don’t you think you deserve a little pampering now and then?

builders, plugs can look great, but for those times when you just need a little more discretion up there at the seat cluster caps with a little bit of concavity to them are great. stays, see if you can convince your builder that “hey, i’m worth it.”

once you arrive at the cicli polito spa and wellness center, the first thing we’ll do is file in the basic concave shape of the eventual cap which you will receive. a 10″ half round bastard file gently forms your upper end and helps set the tone for the rest of the day. let’s spare the boring details and get right to the heart of the salon.

the photo above shows a stay after brazing the seat tube stock on. note the warm glow radiating out from the generous brass fillet along the cap and stay intersection. you can also see where our classically trained stylist begins the cut using a 24 tooth blade. the next photo is of your finished haircut.

after an exciting afternoon at the salon, you’ll head over to the hot stone center. hot stones have been used for centuries by many practicing the healing arts, and the cicli polito spa and wellness center is no different. here, a stay can be seen experiencing the warm, healing properties of a stone grinding wheel.

doesn’t it just look refreshed?

while the energy level is still high, you and your cap assemblies are sent to the final massage treatment area. using a combination of a 12″ half round bastard file, a 6″ half round #1 cut swiss file, 60 grit production cloth and 80 grit production cloth, the experts here at the spa transform you and your new best friend into one wholesome, attractive package.

in the photo above you can see how the detailed work of those in the morning prep center affects the final look of the new assembly. if you and i can notice that fine little brass line and how well it fits with the concavity of the former seat tube, think about how that particular seat stay, a first time customer, must feel.

i strongly encourage everyone out there to show your seat stay treatments a little care and a loving, healing touch. an afternoon at the spa is a great opportunity to get refreshed and rejuvenated assemblies. and while at cicli polito we know that the first step to a new life is a new you, we are aware that you may have some “unexpected” social benefits from looking and feeling the way you do. should you be interested, we are currently setting up a luncheon service with clients we feel exhibit similar characteristics, both pre- and post-spa treatments. just look at this happy, budding pair. it might just be me, but i think they have a strong future together.


2 responses to “seat stay caps get the spa treatment

  1. I didn’t think this was funny, at all. Half an hour later I found myself laughing out loud. You may actually be pretty funny.

  2. thanks. hopefully the next post will help inform your decision.

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