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nahbs fever

nahbs fever is something i heard simon firth say a few times last night. i think he’s hilarious and i was really glad to see him and all the other friendly folks i’ve met over the years at the nahbs show.

if you’ve found this blog recently you’ve no doubt been directed this way from the nahbs show guide. not sure why they published this blog address instead of the normal web url, but i guess that’s that. please visit for some more information about the frames i make, or check out flickr for some photos of my work:




not talkin bout bas-ket-ball . . . but speaking on leon’s new wheelset that showed up at the shop today. white velocity b-43s laced to phil wood. they really do feel bomber, and if leon doesn’t get down here within the hour i’ll be far too tempted to take them out for a spin.

i’d like to thank boltman over at velocity, all at phil wood, and the other folks who helped make this wheelset happen. leon’s going to be crushing them all over town on his new ride (currently at paint), and i can’t think of a better city or a better rider to run these things ragged.

the velocity synergy’s, in both 650b and 700, have never done me wrong so i’m looking forward to riding these rims for a bit. please leon?

heat control

Fillet Brazing and lugged construction are often treated as two totally different worlds. I find that a little odd since they are both rooted in same- they are each methods of joining metal. While the techniques of each are different the end result achieved for both is an effectively brazed joint.

Some ciclisti conoscenti may debate whether lugs have all the soul*, or whether fillet brazed frames looks too mean,* but I like to think that as a framebuilder it’s my job to use an appropriate joining method and make the frame look nice. I like and use both disciplines.

Leon’s track frame is constructed with some shaped aero tubes, so fillet brazing was certainly an option. A lugged frame was also an option, but would have to be fabricated around sheet metal “lugs” due to the profile of the top and downtubes. This approach works well, as everything from early clunkers to Mark Nobilette MAX masterpieces have used some sort of stamped, sheet or roll-formed lugs. In order to keep the cost down, and to make for a more timely delivery, this frame is being fillet brazed.


On account of the tubing profile, it’s pretty clear where each main tube stops and the headtube starts. I wanted to try and make this transition a little more smooth, so I used a little larger (and taller) fillets than I typically would. This will give me more surface area to work with when filing away, so I can try to get a gentle sweep from tube to tube rather than an abrupt edge.

This tubing is Dedacciai Zero LTP (dt), Columbus Mega (tt) and Dedacciai ht. on account of the thin walls in the tubing, heat control was paramount to not cooking these joins. I used a harris 205 tip to preheat each joint, then switched to a 203 for adding the filler. “flow the tack and go” as Dave Kirk would say.

i’m happy with the results. Leon came over to check it out as well, and it was great having him down at the shop. Some Phils are on their way to Velocity, and they’ll be meeting up with the B-43s like a “missed connections” ad soon!

*actual conversations I overhead at NAHBS

Velocity B-43

I’m currently building a frameset for Leon, and Velocity is kind enough to let him (the jammer that he is) ride on a set of the new B-43 Rims.

Leon was down in the shop while I was working on the curved seat tube frame for NAHBS, and we talked about the history behind that particular frame design. As a culmination of our talks, a fitting and going for a ride or two, Leon’s frameset is going to approach a similar design from another trajectory of cycling.

I found much inspiration from Masahiko Makino and Emiliano Freschi for Leon’s frame. Bikes from both makers resonate similarly to me, and I’m referencing that strong beauty they both possess.

I’ll be posting updates to my flickr account tomorrow of the main triangle, if you care to follow along.

Lastly, the new website is coming along great and will be up soon.

whoops went down today on account of too much traffic. Thanks to all who visited the site and contributed to its demise!

a new website will be launching really soon, within a few days.